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For this milestone birthday, a prank of significant proportions was clearly in order. Something that incorporated all of the things that Mr. Amos enjoys, such as silly internet videos, being mad about puns, awesome stories, games, and awesome parties.

To this end, I enacted a grand scheme to involve him in a massive, anonymous, real-time roleplaying game. I concocted a story with a mystery for him to solve. I put in the request with a select number of his more creative friends around the country to put together videos to entertain and annoy. Simultaneously, I gathered our local friends for a subversive mission to record our own videos.

It all began innocently enough: With the following letter from MI6, mailed direct from London.

Dear Mr. Amos,

Good Afternoon. I am writing from the Secret Intelligence Service office in regards to the gang of international jewel thieves heralding themselves as the "Pink Panthers."

Our operatives noted your recent Face Book post about these notorious scourges and marked you as a person of interest. We have tracked their activity to somewhere near your location. It is imperative that we bring these individuals to justice. I trust that we can count on your help to apprehend these criminals.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending you eMails containing compiled evidence. It is our hope that you can help us identify the landmarks contained therein so we can pinpoint their base of operations. Please be sure to check in your spam folder if you do not see it within a week. You can add the address xXSuper.Secret.SpyXx@gmail.com to your contacts to ensure it will not be captured by your spam filters.

This letter will not self destruct as Royal Mail has issued a cease and desist order; our missives were too frequently destructing before reaching their destinations. Please dispose of this letter using appropriate means.



Jim Band

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