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It was all over. All that remained: A scavenger hunt leading to the big surprise party, as organized by Nate.

The evening began with a fancypants dinner out, complete with a bottle of wine. Despite his suspicions, I didn't make him drink nearly the whole bottle out of any purpose more sinister than remaining sober myself so that I could drive later.

After dinner, a waiter approached the table.

   "Excuse me, are you Mr. Amos?"

Recognition immediately dawned on his face that the game wasn't over yet.

   "Yes, that's me."

   "Some men came and left this letter for you."

With that, the waiter handed Mr. Amos an envelope, containing the following letter and clue, which initiated a scavenger hunt.

Dear Mr. Amos,

We have apprehended the thieves, however we cannot find their briefcase of stolen goods. We know it is hidden somewhere in the area. Please help us find it.

All we were able to gather from our extremely Geneva convention violating interrogations were a few cryptic messages.



Jim Band

Our winnings you will never snare,
Try and find them if you dare.

Romping, squirming, bark and purr,
The case lies in a sea of fur.

A world without color, there it's stuck.
It's out of town, you're out of luck

Many games there you have played,
Go find the home where bacon's made.

Just try to cypher through this mess
to find it - go on, do your best.

Strangely dressed with lots of quirks,
Being a thief has a whole lot of perks.

In Eastern Europe, overseas,
We Panthers found a love for teas.

If you're unsure after reading these clues,
Go find a girl who really loves Jews.

You'll never find it, that's for sure.
Your detective work's too immature.

This is the last clue you'll receive,
I'm certain you must be relieved.

It's just a game, you're just a toy -
It's buried 'neath the giant Troy.

But there's no need to go spelunk -
There's shovels out in Libby's trunk.

You fool! This game was all a ruse.
We toast our freedom with good booze.

There's no more need for you to roam;
You're off the case, give up, go home.

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