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These pictures and movies belong to this website.  You may use them if you give us credit.  Otherwise, you can expect an army of squirrles at your door, prepared to chew your toenails off until you agree to link back to this site.  Or a nasty email.


alby_hindlegs alby_aircond alby_beechtree alby_behind_lally alby_bench1
alby_bench2 alby_bench3 alby_branch1 alby_branch2 alby_branch3
alby_branch4 alby_branch5 alby_bread1 alby_bread2 alby_crotch1
alby_crotch2 alby_crotch3 alby_crotch4 alby_crotch5 alby_dirty
alby_eat alby_in_grass alby_lally_steps alby_lawn_sage alby_leaves_sage
alby_leaves_walking alby_libby1 alby_libby2 alby_mulch alby_on_branch
alby_on_branch2 alby_pinetree alby_pounce alby_sniffing1 alby_sniffing2
alby_tree_shadow alby_tree_walkerbg1 alby_tree_walkerbg2 alby_vector alby_vine
glowing_alby feed1 feed2 feed3

Alby's Babies:

baby1 baby2 baby3 baby4 baby5
baby6 baby7 baby8



chasing one of her kids - 1.3MB avi
coming to libby - 768KB mov
coming to libby again - 3.5MB mov
burying some food -  4.5MB mov
burying more food - 3.6MB mov
turning towards the camera - 1MB mov

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